Ledinski, premium Croatian cooperage





The barrels created in Ledinski cooperige come from carefully selected oak wood found in the continental part of Croatia. The oak is at especially good state because of the clean water and land. The area is rich with rivers and streams (for instance Drava, Mura, Danube) and the oak, requiring good soile rich with water (grown tree uses 50 l of water per day) grow out healty and of excelent wood quality. Ledinski cooperige uses Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea), a native sort in Croatia, for barrel making.

The wood is then sliced and seasoned between 1 to 5 years in the outdoors(depending on the needs of the wine and the wine maker), suffering the continental climate of the northern part of the county (medium rain exposure, cold winters (-15 oC) and hot summers (+30 oC)).

The prepared wood is then selected, and slowly formed in to barrel staves, prepared for fire exposure (toasting).

burning of barrels

Exposure to fire bends the staves and allows formation of the barrels. It also has one other meaning - it participates in preparation of the wood for wine making process. Exposure to fire can be at three levels of intensity - light, medium and strong, once more depending on the needs of the wine and the wine maker. The fire is created by the oak wood, as well as by european beech (Fagus sylvatica) which creates higher temperatures and has cleaner burnout.

master cooper
Image: Our Master cooper is making 120 l barrel

After the wood is bended, the barrels are cleaned, prepared, and await the wine and the wine maker.


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